Marissa's Story

I guess you could say I was an “all-American girl.” I had an awesome family – we had the best time and really loved each other. I was good at pretty much everything I tried…except sports. I’m not exactly the most coordinated! But academics were never a problem and I was great at music. Everything seemed perfect.

But during seventh grade I began feeling depressed and alone. I started thinking my life was pointless. Instead of talking with someone about it, I just clammed up. All my emotions and questions piled up, locked away in the darkest corner of my heart. I felt selfish – how could I be depressed when I was blessed with so much? But that thought just deepened my depression. I was on a downward spiral. By the end of hat school year, I’d shut everyone out. I didn’t even really want to live. I just went through the motions, sometimes contemplating whether anyone would miss me if I died.
A few weeks before school ended, some upperclassmen invited me to a Bible club event. Amazed that they even knew my name, I went. I remember a band playing, free food, games, mingling with the crowd…but I still felt alone and hopeless. Then someone on stage started talking about the Good News. I’d heard it before, but I’d just assumed I didn’t need help with life – I was successful and basically good, right? That night, I realized just how wrong I was. I desperately needed a Savior. God loved me, and proved it by sending Christ to die on the cross for every sin I’d ever commit. And suddenly I knew I needed that great love, deep mercy, and eternal forgiveness. That night, I surrendered myself to Christ.
I had hope for the first time…a reason to live. Remembering that moment makes me want to shout with joy and praise God at the top of my lungs! Life became a celebration of God’s love. It still wasn’t easy. Even today I still fight loneliness and depression. But now I know that God is always with me.
Today my hope rests completely on God’s grace. I desire to run after Him and be deeply rooted in His Word and Spirit. God overwhelms me daily with His love, beauty, perfection, strength, and grace – how indescribably awe-inspiring! I’m richly blessed and eternally thankful to be called His daughter.


  1. Beautiful testimony, and I'm so happy that you've become a daughter of the king.

  2. That's just awesome! Thanks so much for sharing. I especially loved the last paragraph..."Today my hope rests completely on God's grace." That's what every one of us needs to do!

  3. Just so you know...that's not my testimony. That's another girl...


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