Extreme Makeover: Heart Edition

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone saw your beauty the way God sees it? As crazy as it sounds, you really can display your beauty for all to see, but you can’t do it on your own. It’s not going to happen overnight, and it certainly won’t be easy. Get ready for the biggest beauty renovation of your life! It’s Extreme Makeover: Heart Edition.

This amazing new series we’re launching into will put everything on the table – the way you see yourself, the way others see you, and the way God sees you. We’re going to talk about some pretty serious stuff, but the final result is something beautiful.

Are you ready? Here’s what you’ve got to do:
- VOTE. If you are going to participate in our Extreme Makeover, select “YES” on the poll to the right.
- SUBSCRIBE. Check out GFG’s Facebook page here for updates on the Extreme Makeover and as a place where you can chat about your journey.
- EMAIL. Email me at girlsforgodblog@yahoo.com and tell me about why your heart needs a makeover, plus keep me updated on how your makeover is going.
- READ. Every few days, I will post new stuff about our EMHE.
- SHARE. Tell your friends about Girls for God, give them a link, and share the GFG Facebook page with them. We want every preteen and teen girl we can get to participate in this inner beauty renovation.
- PRAY. Ask God to prepare your heart for this and ask Him to speak to you and the other girls for God through my words.

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  1. This is very sweet, keep on doing it! greetings from Venezuela.


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