Wavy, Straight, & Curly Hair Care

Do something different with your hair tomorrow. Here are tons of ideas on how to get natural, beautiful hair without perms or color treatments or expensive products.

Curly Girl If you have curly hair, you know your hair can get dry and frizzy. A simple way to keep it healthy is to use less heat on it. So, instead of using a hairdryer, curling iron, or straightener, just wash your hair with a gentle moisturizing soap and conditioner and let it hang loose and air-dry. This really brings out your curls and doesn’t damage your hair. Don’t wash your hair every day, and if you absolutely have to, use baby shampoo every other day and curl definers on the other days.

Wavy Woman Wavy girls always want either board-straight hair or tons of kinky curls. Why wish for something you don’t have when your own hair can be a gorgeous expression of yourself? Your hair, like curly hair, may get frizzy sometimes, but your hair is thick and coarse – a hair type that salon experts love to play around with. There’s so much your hair can do! Use conditioner on your hair, especially at the roots. You can let your hair be just how it is or go for a more defined look by using a spray-on curl definer. Your look is pretty flexible -- you can often choose tips for both curly and straight hair. But remember, you're not just a merge of the two; you have your own hair type and you need to understand it. Expiriment and find what works for you.
Straight Sister Don’t spend your time wishing for curls – a lot of people envy your hair. You can play up your straight and sleek look by using a straightener, but using it too much or on a too-hot setting can damage your hair. Instead, try a Pantene or Herbal Essences "Long Term Relationship" shampoo. If your hair is dry and unmanageable, you can use conditioner, but only a light amount. Most straight-haired girls only use it on the ends of their hair, if at all. Too much conditioner on your hair type will weigh it down and make it too soft to do anything fun with. Your hair tends to get oily, so it’s OK if you need to wash it every day. Your hair, like curly hair, looks great both long and short, edgy or sleek, so pick a style and flaunt it.


  1. I'm perfectly wavy. How about you?

  2. When I blow-dry, my hair is straight. When I let it air-dry, it's wavy, but a weird sort of wavy. ;)

  3. Aww, don't. I iron it half the time. And then there are days when I tease it up really big. But I hate blow drying cos I feel cruel to cook it, and I always wear jewelry when I do it, and it conducts heat and burns me cos I'm to lazy to take it off, and then put it on again. BTW, with Autumn coming up, where is a good place to buy modest clothes. Money is not an issue, I just really hate how tight aeropostale's shirts are. They were obviously not made with someone's figure in mind.

  4. Jillian,
    Try curl enhancers & shampoos instead of ironing it straight! It depends on just how close to curls your hair already is, but I'm sure it's worth a try.
    When you blow dry, towel dry your hair first. This will minimize the time it's exposed to heat. Bend at your waist and flip your hair upside down and blow dry until it's almost dry, then do the top as normal. If this cooks your hair too much, try using a cooler setting -- less effective, but hey, you can try.
    I will look into some high-fashion modest clothing for the Fall. I've also got to finish a nail art piece for Paige....


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