Standing Up for a Friend

It’s good that you’ve decided not to join in on the bullying, because though it may seem crazy, people do that.
If the people are harassing her physically, you shouldn’t get yourself in the fight, but instead, you need to tell a trusted adult in charge right away. For the most part, boys are the ones who physically harass, while girls…well, you know.
Cruel personal attacks, blatant insults, gossip, rumors – this is the way girls attack. Your friend isn’t the only one being harassed. Every school has a group of girls who are just plain mean.
Don’t stand by watching your friend get hurt – but fight fire with fire, either. Remember the saying: WWJD? You can get a "What Would Jesus Do" bracelet to remind you to respond in a loving, sincere way. Every time you get angry, look at that bracelet and say a quick prayer.
Next time your friend is being harassed, stand up for her. Don’t chose a fight, but try to resolve it. If you hear gossip about your friend, walk away. If things get out of hand, tell an adult.
Remember that anyone who’s mean to someone else is just insecure. There’s no more to it. You’re still trying to find out who you are, but they see you’re farther ahead than they are. They’re trying to find themselves but are looking in all the wrong places. By making you or your friend feel bad about yourselves, they are assured that you won’t be able to find yourself. By tearing you down, they build themselves up. This world is broken by sin, greed, and confusion. Pray for those kids, that they’ll find their true selves in Jesus Christ.
Let your friend know that you don’t care what they say; you know the real her and that’s what matters. It would also be great to start a weekly/every-2-weeks prayer group with her and maybe a few other girls to that you’ll see the mean people how Jesus would see them, and you’ll know how to deal with your problems. This last suggestion is probably the best. Pray, pray, pray. "Ask and it shall be given to you; seek and you shall find; knock and the door will be opened for you."

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