Seventeen Says Subtle is Sexy

Seventeen magazine recently featured a bit about celebrities changing their styles. They featured one woman who typically dressed in an immoddest way, showing lots of cleavage. They gave her a style makeover, changing her look from -- well, "hoochie mama" as What Not to Wear's style expert Stacy London would say -- to a more moddest, but even more stylish, look. "She's really learning that subtle is sexy," Seventeen told us. It's a fresh look.

Sometimes girls think that if they wear super low-cut shirts and short shorts and bouses that barely cover their stomachs, they'll be noticed. Someone will love them. But that's not the case. If you dress immoddestly, you'll only be getting the wrong kind of attention. You'll be noticed by people who, deep down, you really don't want to be noticed by. And the good guys? Well, they're not going to go for you because they want to find a girl who honors who body and dresses like she respects herself. Next time you hold up a super-short dress or a miniskirt that barely covers your bottom, think again. As Seventeen would say, "Subtle is sexy."

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  1. I agree. Dressing immodestly attracts the wrong kind of attention.


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