Zit-Zapping Toothpaste Facial

Remember when I told you about how baking soda whitens the teeth? I promised you a bit about a toothpaste facial, believe it or not, and I'm going to give it to you.

It may seem crazy, since the world is all for the organic, "natural" stuff. Toothpaste on your face? Yuck!

Have you ever gotten toothpaste around your mouth or on your hand? It was pretty drying, huh? That's exactly it! If you're a teen with oily or acne-prone skin, this is a quick-fix for your zits.

  • cleanse face with facial cleanser containing benzoyl perokide or salicyic acid
  • wash off cleanser
  • put a half-pea sized amount of non-gel toothpaste on your zits, especially whiteheads
  • leave on overnight
  • in the morning, wash face again, making sure you get off the toothpaste
  • repeat following nights until whiteheads are gone

It's that simple!


  1. That's an awesome idea! I never thought about how it could dry out zits! Did you think of it yourself or did you find out about it somewhere?


  2. I had already started using it before I researched to find if it was ok, because I noticed how it is exteremly drying when you don't wash it off your skin. It worked like magic, so I researched to learn more, and I found that other people had discovered the same thing.

    p.s.: remember, use toothPASTE, not gel.

  3. I did this without the anti-bacterial stuff, I just used hand soap and warm water, and it worked great!

  4. i tried this and it worked overnighr on the small omes!!!


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