Mother's Day

While it’s cool to buy a neat card for your mom, why not get her something from the heart? Yeah, that’s right. Your mom doesn’t care about how much money you paid for a gift – what she does care about is how much you love her. Handmade cards, just like you, are unique and full of personality. You don’t have to just right "I love you, Mom" and that’s it (even though she’d like that). You can really express yourself and your love for your mom with something handmade.

  • If you’re making a card, use your mom’s favorite color, with a bit of yours, and go overboard decorating it. Bring out your artistic side and break out the colored pencil, crayons, markers, stickers, sparkles, glue, scissors, tape, and any other art supplies you can find.
  • A bible bookmark. I made my mom one of these and she loved it. Just like a card, you can get it really artsy and dress it up with almost any material you can find. It could have an "I love you" note, or a bible verse, or whatever, on it. Your mom can put it in her bible or any of her favorite books.
  • A coupon book. And these aren’t just any coupons. Make a bunch and label them "Good for one free back rub", "One free hug", (make a lot of these!), "one free housecleaning whenever you ask", "one free mac-and-cheese dinner made by me". You can make up some more, too.
  • Photos are a great way to store great memories. Have someone take a picture of you and your mom together, or get an old photo of you two. Then make your own frame (and again, you can use lots of art supplies), and write your favorite Bible verse on the back.
Remember, your mom will cherish anything you give her for Mother’s Day, so come up with your own unique gift to thank her for all that she does.

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