Media vs. Modesty

Flip through any fashion magazine and you’ll see women wearing next to nothing. Being “hot” today usually means showing lots of skin. So do you ever think you need to dress like that to get a guy’s attention? Have you ever believed that’s what it takes to fit in?

Let me tell you something. While a lot of girls these days are walking around nearly naked, that doesn’t mean you have to. I know a lot of modest girls who don’t wear those trashy outfits, and those modest girls are still beautiful – even cooler than the immodest girls! You don’t have to expose your body to a sinful world to be pretty.

1 Timothy 2:9-10 says that God wants us to be modest and to dress ourselves in good deeds (which a lot of people forget to put on). There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be beautiful or noticed. However, honoring God comes before everything else. Period. That’s it. When you dress modestly, you’re worshipping God! You’re telling the whole world that you’re a young woman who’s so cool – inside and out – that you don’t need to show your body to be noticed.

Make a habit of modesty and dress yourself in loving behavior that honors God – and yourself!

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