Fashion Emergency!

If you’re like me, you’ve stood in front of your closet, which holds tons of clothes, and still wondered what you could wear that day. The clock is ticking, and you’re getting frantic, but you’re creative juices aren’t flowing today. What are you going to do?!

Well, it’s not the end of the world, even though it isn’t actually pleasurable to have no clue what you’re going to wear. Here are some tips to bring the fashion guru out of you.

· It’s not a sin to wear clothes more than once. You don’t need a totally different outfit for every day of the year.
· Accessories can make an ordinary outfit look extraordinary! Think colorful scarves, dangling earrings, funky necklaces and bracelets, a simple ring, or anything else you can think of. Get creative!
· Ever think of borrowing your sister’s clothes? (If she wears the same size you do – and don’t forget to ask!)
· Shoes make the outfit. I have tons of shoes. We’re not getting materialistic here: if you truly don’t have enough shoes (for example, you should have at least one pair of flip flops, sneakers, a sandal or two, and maybe two or three formal shoes: black, brown, or white), then go to Payless. True, you’re going to end up paying $15-$25 for a pair of shoes, but they have a way better selection than Wal-Mart does. They even have purses to match shoes – how cool is that?!
· Jeans can be dressed up or down. With a nice blouse, they’re good for semi-formal occasions, or paired with a grungy T-shirt, they can be reduced to yard work. So, play with your jeans.
· Have totally weird color combinations? A purple skirt goes with a yellow shirt if you have a yellow-and-purple bracelet to bring them together. Beware of the Christmas look (green and red) out of season, though, unless it is cherries or something.

Keep reading the blog. Before you know it, it’ll be filled with fashion ideas that you can’t wait to try.

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  1. FYI, dark-wash jeans are easier to dress up than light-wash. Thought have/love both.


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